Combined maritime and continental supply chains provide new opportunities

“At the foreign companies I visit, our marine ports come first in mind when boardmembers think of Zeeland. The North Sea Port merger and the new maritime lock at Terneuzen and Ghent – that will enable ships of 150.000 tons to pass – seem to have further strengthened our joined worldwide positioning. North Sea Port provides the tenth European port in terms of maritime trans-shipment and the third in terms of added value. The further port cooperation leads to a gravitational pull in foreign investments, of which all Zeeland and Flemish municipalities can benefit. Recently developed road connections also contribute to the prospering of our economy: the A4 is the second motorway connecting Rotterdam and Antwerp with, in between, the A58 Motorway connecting Zeeland. Opportunities emerge from new combinations of maritime flows of goods through the ports and continental flows of goods over road. This might be beneficial to crossborder European retail and e-commerce supply chains, with new opportunities for Value Added Logistics.

Hulst international strongly positioned
Within these new logistics opportunities, Hulst Municipality is international strongly positioned, located between the left banks of the Port of Antwerp where the mainport container terminal facilities are positioned, and North Sea Port. The Hogeweg 5 Business Area is multiple connected to the Zeeland Cargo Quality Network Road, Westerscheldetunnel, Sluiskiltunnel, Liefkenshoektunnel and the European Motorway Network in Belgium, with destinations up to France and the southern parts of Europe. Hogeweg 5 Business Area in Hulst seems a self-evident location for logistic investments and mondial establishments. Considering the implementation of our economic policies and the focus upon strategic locations, the Zeeland Province Authority fully commits to facilitating 20 hectares of new logistic developments at Hogeweg 5 in Hulst.”

Jo-Annes de Bat
Executive Economic Affairs
of the Provincial Executive
Province Zeeland