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The new Hogeweg 5 Business Area is situated in Hulst, The Netherlands adjacent to the Port of Antwerp and in an area with fluid flows of road traffic. The boundary of the Hulst municipality is also the national border with Flanders, so from Hulst you can drive into the Antwerp Port Area, and on into the rest of Europe.

New: 20 hectares of construction ready logistics sites at Hogeweg 5
In The Netherlands, the new Hogeweg 5 Business Area forms part of the larger Hogeweg Commercial Estate adjacent to the Port of Antwerp and in an area with flowing traffic. It covers a total of 20 hectares newly available for logistics companies and the plot sizes can be allocated flexibly. This new business area is located in Hulst in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. The supply chains of companies already established on the Hogeweg Commercial Estate pass through the ports of Antwerp, Vlissingen, Terneuzen, Gent, Zeebrugge and Rotterdam and also on the road and via the surrounding regional airports. The second dedicated road connection to the official Quality Cargo Network Road– Zeeland has been realized. It’s a 6 kilometer drive along the N290 to the European Highway E34, which passes through Belgium. The use of roundabouts with directions straight ahead ensure that traffic continues to flow. The European Highway Network is reached within ten minutes.

From Hulst you can drive straight into the Port of Antwerp site
The Hulst Municipality is immediately adjacent to the Port of Antwerp, and at “the right end” of the Liefkenshoek Tunnel. The boundary of the Hulst municipality is also the national border with Flanders, so from Hulst you can drive into the Antwerp Main Port area, and on into the rest of Europe. At the end of 2015 Antwerp’s Port Executive Board visited Hulst to present the Port’s vision for the future to the shipping companies established on the estate. Similar meetings will be also organised with the port authorities at Vlissingen, Terneuzen, Gent, Zeebrugge and Rotterdam. Hulst is also ideally located in relation to our French neighbours: the northern region taking in Lille, Paris and Le Havre is the country’s most densely populated.

Many international businesses are already established here
Hulst already provides accommodation to as many as 1,900 small, medium and large businesses and institutions, including cross-border e-commerce firms, suppliers to the offshore industry in all parts of the world and steel processors, supplying major manufacturers in Western Europe. There are also international logistics businesses organising worldwide supply chains en handling international flows of goods, some serving more than 75 countries, as well as the Netherlands’ largest confectioner. A petrochemicals business from the Botlek also has a sales office within the local authority boundary. Many of the businesses here are active on an international scale, dealing with markets in Belgium, France and the rest of Europe and the world, while others focus more on the regional market.

New 20 hectare available for logistics at Hogeweg 5 Business Area
The Hogeweg 5 Business Area has a total area of 20 hectares available for new logistics business occupants. Maximum flexibility for logistics has been built into the urban development plan, allowing maximum freedom in determining the area of each site. The policy for the occupancy of premises at Hogeweg 5 is unrestricted (with the exception of environmental classification up to category 3.2). Businesses are free to engage their own architects and contractors for the design and construction of their commercial real estate. The business area is a development of Heijmans Real Estate BV in close cooperatrion with the Municipality of Hulst. Heijmans will be providing advice to companies purchasing sites as well as at the necessary government permit procedure, in close collaboration with the Hulst local authority. The companies that purchase will become the owners of the business site. Hulst is the second largest town in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen after Terneuzen, and one of the best preserved historical fortified towns in the Netherlands. The philosophy here is to work hard and live life to the full. People come here from all over the Netherlands, Belgium and far beyond, to live, to shop and for recreation purposes.

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